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Netherlands, 26.10.2023 - At smart home pioneer tink, there's no need to wait for Black Friday. From October 27 (midnight) to October 29, sound aficionados will have access to many deals at tink in the course of the Sonos Home Cinema Flash Sale, where money can be saved on Sonos sets in particular. All top deals are available exclusively on

When deep beats and brilliant sounds turn movies into experiences, Sonos must have its fingers in the pie. Exactly fitting, now that autumn has arrived and calls for coziness by the sofa. tink presents numerous top deals as part of the Sonos Home Cinema Flash Sale from October 27 to 29, which will make the hearts of movie and music lovers beat faster and save money at the same time.

Ultimate home cinema experience
Being in the middle of the action with every song and every movie scene, is that possible? With Sonos' incredible multichannel surround sound and powerful bass experiences paired with impressively realistic 3D audio, no problem. All audio is experienced more immersively with the Sonos Era 300 Arc 7.1.4 Home Cinema Set: the Arc's side and overhead channels, as well as the Era 300, reproduce 3D sound with crystal-clear voices, while the sub (Gen. 3) provides an even more dynamic sound experience. In short, cozy up, put your feet up, and confidently immerse yourself in another world.

Cozy moments of sonorous superlatives
The Sonos Arc One SL 5.1 Home Cinema Set is a well-balanced overall package, especially for small to medium-sized living rooms. The three Smart Speakers and the Sub (Gen. 3) clearly enhance every TV and create an impressive atmosphere. Besides that, the multi-room function stands out positively. The two One SLs can be placed in another room at any time. This way, TV can be watched via the Arc and the Sub (Gen. 3), while someone else can switch off to their favorite music in the bedroom.

The smartest couple
The Sonos Arc is a high-quality solution for delivering crystal-clear sound in a home setting. The Sonos Sub (Gen. 3) produces a noticeably deeper bass for any Sonos speaker and serves as an amplifying component for the Arc. Whether the television is transformed into a home theater system through audio playback by the Sonos Arc + Sub, or used for music streaming to make every song a true auditory experience, the choice is left to the individual with the Sonos Arc 3.1 Home Cinema Set.

Smartly paired
If you want to enjoy a perfectly matched smart speaker duo, put the Sonos Beam (Gen. 2) + the Sub Mini on your wishlist. The Sub Mini delivers clear sound, a distraction-free low frequency and rich bass, while the second-generation Sonos Beam takes care of all the other audio frequencies and sounds absolutely fabulous. But that's not all, because mounting the two devices is a breeze and control works easily via smartphone, app or manually on the device. A smart love affair!

The power of three, can set us free
Whether a football or streaming enthusiast, anyone looking to immerse themselves in new auditory landscapes will opt for the Sonos Arc Era 100 5.1 Home Cinema Set. The Era 100 features Bluetooth support and is no longer limited to Apple devices for True-Play calibration. Ancillary equipment allows for the connection of audio playback devices via a 3.5mm audio cable. The Sonos Arc Soundbar not only complements Smart TVs but also serves as a comprehensive stereo system replacement. Its sleek housing, 11-fold audio drivers, and expansive soundstage ensure a premium auditory experience that permeates the entire room. Thus, the intelligent triad comprising the Era 100, the Sub (Gen. 3), and the Arc generates exceptional surround sound of the highest caliber.

Transforming the Living Room into a Cinema
When the home is filled with sound of the highest caliber, it indicates the installation of the Sonos Era 100 Beam (Gen. 2) Sub Mini 5.1 Home Cinema Set. The Era 100 serves as a proverbial wolf in sheep's clothing. This compact speaker offers optimal connectivity via Bluetooth and WLAN, but can also function as a replacement for traditional stereo systems via its Line-In capability, making it compatible with turntables, CD players, and the like. The advanced sound processing of the Sonos Beam (Gen. 2) creates phantom height channels in Dolby Atmos, providing a multidimensional soundstage. Meanwhile, the Sub Mini enhances the auditory experience with its powerful bass, breathing new life into music, series, and films.

Auditory Experiences of a New Era
The Sonos Era 300 is an innovative, revolutionary speaker designed to provide unparalleled 3D audio with Dolby Atmos. This compact speaker, equipped with six high-performance drivers, directs sound to the left, right, front, and upward, delivering groundbreaking audio performance with Dolby Atmos. It immerses audio enthusiasts in the action, whether for music or films. Additionally, the Era 300 is the first Sonos speaker to offer multichannel surround sound when utilized as a surround speaker in a home theater setup. Next-generation auditory experiences are guaranteed with the Sonos Era 300 Stereo Set.

Smartly connected: One for all, two for more
The room-filling superduo set Sonos One SL Stereo Set - WLAN speaker ensures room-filling sound and, thanks to the integrated tweeter, clear and accurate reproduction. The Sonos One speaker is compact, powerful and timeless. With the help of its brother, it performs at its best and transforms into a stereo set: Thanks to the multi-room function, no corner of the home will remain bored. The full entertainment program offers the addition of the Google Nest Mini, because thus higher volumes with rich basses are possible and give an optimal listening experience.

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